Every four years, the KING COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION conducts a “Judicial Officer Survey” where attorneys who appear regularly in each court are asked to provide observations and comments about judges.  The survey is designed to give the public first-hand assessments of each judge so that voters can make informed decisions. Judge Shadid has consistently been rated one of the top judges in Seattle Municipal Court.  The comments of attorneys are made anonymously.

Below are comments from attorneys about Judge Damon Shadid in 2018 and 2022:

"Judge Shadid is by far the best Judge in SMC. He has the best grasp of the law, an understanding of the limits of punishment, and seems to genuinely understand and be sympathetic to the unique challenges faced by those in addiction. He seems to be interested in preventing criminal behavior instead of being satisfied with punishing after the fact."
"Judge Shadid is the one judge in SMC who clearly cares for our clients, and he shows it every day by treating them with respect and kindness. He does not "talk down" to people or say offensive things in an effort to "help." I also appreciate all the work he's done, and time he's spent, building up specialty courts and alternative programs."
"Judge Shadid is the SMC judge most attuned to the issues facing defendants who appear before him, 90% of whom are indigent and about half of whom are homeless, and he shows them more compassion and respect than his colleagues."
"You are a breath of fresh air in the courtroom. SMC is full of judges who see our clients only as criminals. They presume them guilty from the time of arraignment and seem only interested in punishing them. They have a very narrow perspective on what constitutes justice. You, on the other hand, see justice much more holistically. You see a positive role for the court in the community. Your support of MHC. LEAD, and community court has made a difference in so many people's lives and has helped to address root cause issue that make everyone in the community "safer" and better off. . . . You are an outlier in the court in terms of showing genuine respect for all parties. "Actions speak louder than words - beyond the surface level politeness of other judges, you demonstrate compassion for defendants through the court programs you support, your PC determinations, and your bail determinations. Please now we appreciate all your work."
"Judge Shadid is by far my favorite judge on the bench in Seattle Municipal. He gives a lot of thought to legal issues and will provide an articulate legal basis for his rulings. He displays a high level of empathy and willingness to explore alternatives in the hopes of keeping people out of the system."
"Very patient with clients. Rulings are realistic."
"Judge Sahdid has high expectations of attorneys that appear in his courtroom. He particularly appreciates and publicly recognizes being prepared for court. He is an exceptionally good judge for therapeutic and alternative courts."
"Smartest judge in SMC by miles. Needs to take more leadership within the Court. Should be handling trials."
"Well respected; an honor to appear before him for any matter. Should be recommended for a higher court."
"He should be doing criminal trials since he is the one judge with a solid understanding of the law."
“[Judge Shadid has] the mind of a supreme court justice as well as a great compassion for those that appear before [him]. It’s an incredible combination.”
"Keep up the good work."
"I am honored to support Judge Shadid."
Sally Bagshaw
Former Seattle City Councilmember
"Judge Shadid has made meaningful changes to the way Seattle courts engage with people in the criminal justice system due to addiction, mental illness, and poverty. Community court, mental health court, and the consolidated calendar apply a practical, supportive, and public health oriented approach."
Jeanne Cawse-Lucas, M.D.
"I practiced in front of Judge Shadid extensively in Seattle Municipal Court. He is thorough, respectful to all and fair. He cares deeply about law, justice and his community and balances compassion with accountability. Seattle is lucky to have him on the bench."
Elizabeth Mustin
"I appreciate Judge Shadid's commitment to fairness for everyone appearing in his court, whether defendant, witness or victim."
James Dixon
Seattle Attorney
"Damon is a great person who is very passionate about his position. He is clear about the role that the community court serves and has a deep interest in making it successful."
John Gayman
"I confidently recommend Damon Shadid for Seattle Municipal Court as he has proven that he serves this city's people fairly and effectively. Damon should continue to hold this position so he can keep making positive impacts on our court system and the city of Seattle."
Megan Gayman
"I strongly support Judge Shadid knowing him as an attorney and friend."
Mitch Greene
Seattle Attorney
"As an attorney who's appeared before Judge Shadid countless times, and as someone who's lived in the City of Seattle for the past 21 years, I strongly endorse him."
Robert Ault
Seattle Attorney
“Therapeutic courts, such as mental health court, veterans court and community court, form a vital pillar in any effective criminal justice system. Judges who have demonstrated success presiding over such courts are precious resources.”
Judge Michael Finkle
King County District Court
"Community Courts combine the principles of compassion and accountability to address the underlying reasons individuals are involved in the justice system."
Judge Lisa Paglisotti
King County District Court
"I am happy to endorse Judge Shadid. He is a thoughtful, informed, and fair jurist who brings needed life experiences to the Seattle Municipal Court bench. We are lucky to have him serving our community."
Amy Muth
Seattle Attorney
Past President, Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
"From the moment of his first candidacy, I've had the utmost confidence that he would bring justice to the courtroom. Judge Shadid continues to prove he belongs in this position, so I strongly endorse him and encourage others to support and vote for Judge Shadid."
Christina Koch
"Damon is truly committed to community and equity for all. Community court is the direction and focus we need to aid our communities in supporting mental health issues and not just focusing on imprisonment for those in need of other services."
Atlee Treasure
"The public expects accountability for criminal behavior, but often fails to understand the role that mental health and addiction play in perpetuating the cycle of repeated contacts with the legal system. Judge Damon Shadid is an experienced Seattle judge who understands this connection. He has made meaningful changes to our municipal court system that break the cycle. I am a Clinical Health Psychologist who works in primary care in King County. I fully support his innovative programs, such as Community Court and Mental Health Court. As a provider in community health care setting, I can fully attest to the fact that community safety and crime is a public health issue, which Judge Shadid also recognizes. I wholeheartedly support his re-election to the Seattle Municipal Court bench."
Cara Dalby
"As a former Arab Chamber of Commerce of Washington State president, Arab Center Washington president, and Seattle Arab Festival board member, I fully support Judge Shadid to be re-elected. He has served the community to high standards and will continue to work with the community to ensure justice is served to "
Sam Alkhalili
Des Moines
"I am pleased to endorse Judge Damon Shadid for re-election to the Seattle Municipal Court bench. He has demonstrated a strong commitment to finding better ways to approach criminal justice. There is more work to do, and Judge Shadid is the person to do it."
Tammy Morales
Seattle City Councilmember
"Judge Shadid brings a unique and justice oriented approach to the bench. He understands the nuance required to oversee complicated issues involving the rights victims, the rights of the accused, and the intersection of race, mental health, poverty, and homelessness in our criminal courts. He constantly strives to find positive solutions to problems and works toward creative restorative justice solutions to the issues Seattle currently faces. He treats everyone in his court with the utmost respect and he has shown repeatedly to have an excellent temperament for the bench. I enthusiastically support Judge Shadid for the Seattle Municipal Court Bench. His creativity, temperament, and desire to actually solve problems serves this great city well! "
Michael Schueler
Seattle Attorney